Supreme Court Cases and Queer Rights

From 1965 to 1973, the US Supreme Court ruled on six legal cases that were pivotal in the LGTBQ community’s fight for equal rights. Shockingly, these cases are not related directly to gay rights at... Read More

Trump: Short-Term Gains/Long-Term Losses

While Progressives bristle with disgust as President Trump fans the flames of hate and division in an effort to stay in office, many Independents who voted for him have chosen to overlook his abhorrent behavior... Read More

Growing Up with Gay Parents

Being gay and having children is a fairly new phenomenon in America, really beginning in the 1970’s as laws began to change.  These children are really the first generation of people raised by out gay... Read More

The Queerness in Religion

What do you think Christianity has to say about homosexuality and promiscuity? That it is wrong? Abnormal? Not to be tolerated? We have an author on the show tonight, Dr. Melissa Sanchez who begs to... Read More

The Gay Wedding Cake Saga

In 2018 the supreme court upheld a Colorado cake baker’s right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple based on his religious beliefs. Dubbed the “Wedding Cake Case”, it garnered a... Read More

The Adoption Experience as a Gay Parent

Since 2016 same-sex couples’ right to adopt a child, either married or individually, is protected throughout the United States. Join Gregg as he walks through the adoption process with Adoption Coordinator, Jailyn Brown along with... Read More