Gay Republicans in the Age of Trump

The Log Cabin Republicans are the original and largest organization representing LGBTQ+ conservatives and straight allies in the country. Began in 1977 in California as a rallying point for Republicans opposed to the Briggs Initiative,... Read More

Methodists To Divide Over Gay Marriage

In May 2020 delegates for the United Methodist Church will convene in Minneapolis to decide how the United Methodist Church and its 13 million members will settle a fight over gay marriage and gay clergy... Read More

Alice Austen: A Hero for Gay Women

Alice Austen (1866-1952) was one of America’s earliest and most prolific female photographers, and over the course of her life she captured about 8000 images. She was also gay, and had a lover for more... Read More

Conversion Therapy

Ice pick lobotomies, chemical castration, electro shocks to the genitals…These are a few of the many techniques used in the past to try to convert a gay person to being straight. Although these rather barbaric... Read More

The World of Puppy Play

Puppy Play is a subset of BDSM culture that involves taking on the role of a canine and exploring nonhuman desires and headspace via that experience. Join Gregg as he explores this world with Pup... Read More

The Many Faces of Trans

What does it mean to be trans? Does it mean you’re gay? Nope! Does it mean you feel as though your gender assignment at birth is wrong? Not necessarily! Join Gregg as he unpacks the... Read More

When Your Brother Voted for Trump

In this era where differing political ideologies are dividing families, finding a way to listen to each other with respect is more important now than ever. Join Gregg, his brave brother David, and therapist and... Read More