Abortion in light of Georgia’s new anti-abortion “Heart Beat Bill”

June 4, 2019

On May 7th, 2019 Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed into law new restrictions on abortions. Not only does the law criminalize abortions after six weeks (long before many women even know they are pregnant) , it also seeks to also put doctors in jail who perform such abortions. Gregg speaks with Barbara Ann Lutrell, Director of Communications for Planned Parenthood South East, about the bill itself, it’s implications, and where women, and men, can go to get critical information and care around reproductive health. Of particular concern is a statement in the bill that defines life as beginning at conception. This statement, known as a “personhood clause”, has huge implications for tax law, custody battles and throws into question the legal rights of would be parents attempting to have children through in vitro fertilization.

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