Growing Up with Gay Parents

July 23, 2019

Being gay and having children is a fairly new phenomenon in America, really beginning in the 1970’s as laws began to change.  These children are really the first generation of people raised by out gay parents in the US and what they have to say about their experience will surprise you! Join Gregg as he interviews writer Sammy Sass who has spent the last 3 years interviewing these 1st generation children of out gay parents. Many of these children were taught that sexuality, in whatever form it takes, is a matter of personal discovery rather than a binary choice with one being the right one (straight) and the other being the wrong one (gay).  As a result, this 1st generation raised by out gay parents, now adults, feel a freedom around love, sex and relationships that allows for a more full and satisfying life experience and says a lot about the damage that sociological homophobia and sexism can cause.

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