Trump: Short-Term Gains/Long-Term Losses

July 30, 2019

While Progressives bristle with disgust as President Trump fans the flames of hate and division in an effort to stay in office, many Independents who voted for him have chosen to overlook his abhorrent behavior because the economy under his watch has flourished. But is it really due to anything Trump has done? The trend of a lowering unemployment rate is a steady one begun in 2009 under the Obama administration. And is the economy really flourishing? Not for most of us. The wealth and income gap between the 1% at the top and everyone else continues to widen and was made worse by Trump’s big tax cut for the wealthy. And at what cost? The national debt has increased over 2 trillion to an all time high of 22 trillion! Join Gregg and his sidekick and straight ally Jenny, as they discuss Trump’s short sighted policies on the economy, foreign affairs, the environment and other poor choices Trump continues to make.

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