The World of Puppy Play

November 12, 2019

Puppy Play is a subset of BDSM culture that involves taking on the role of a canine and exploring nonhuman desires and headspace via that experience. Join Gregg as he explores this world with Pup Kase (2018 IPTC INTL Puppy), Pup Fox (2019 Heart of the South Puppy) and Sir Jonathon who is a “handler” of pups. It turns out that Puppy Play is not just about sex. It actually serves an almost therapeutic purpose. Puppies don’t worry about the future or lament the past. They exist in the present moment looking for fun, food, sex and sleep all the while blissfully unaware of the myriad of things necessary to sustain their lives which are all being addressed by their handlers. Sounds like a nice break from normal life to me!

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