Conversion Therapy

December 10, 2019

Ice pick lobotomies, chemical castration, electro shocks to the genitals…These are a few of the many techniques used in the past to try to convert a gay person to being straight. Although these rather barbaric treatments are in our past, there are still those practicing conversion therapy via counseling with damaging results. Join Gregg and guest Mathew Shurka who spent 5 years undergoing conversion therapy treatment from 2004 to 2009. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. Matt talks about his experiences which included not being allowed to converse with any women including his mother and two sisters for 3 years. Today Matt is the cofounder of “Born Perfect: The Campaign To End Conversion Therapy”. To date, Born Perfect has successfully helped pass legislation to end conversion therapy in 18 states and in more than 50 cities in the remaining states. His story is both painful and inspiring.

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