Fighting for Anti-LGTBQ Legal Protections Across the Country

May 26, 2020

Eighteen states still allow a person to be fired just for being gay. This unfortunately includes Georgia. 29 states allow someone to be terminated for being trangender. Join Gregg as he discusses the state of LGTBQ legal protections around the country. Gregg’s guest is Kasey Suffredini, the CEO and National Campaign Director of the organization FREEDOM FOR ALL AMERICANS, whose sole mission is to secure federal statutory protections for LGBTQ Americans in the workplace, housing and in all public spaces. Of particular interest is the Supreme Court case now awaiting a decision regarding the firing of Georgia native, Gerald Bostock, who was fired from his job in Clayton county after someone saw a FaceBook post of Gerald playing with the gay softball league. The result of this case, along with two others who were also fired for being gay or transgender, will have huge implications for around 2 million LGBTQ employees now working in states with no LGBTQ legal protections.

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