Get to know us

This program is a radio hour devoted exclusively to issues affecting the
LGBTQ+/Queer community. To be more specific, this comprises anyone
who considers themselves to be either a sexual preference minority (gay,
lesbian, bi, asexual, etc8…) or a gender minority (trans, gender fluid,

We provide a space where these populations can listen to and speak on
issues affecting the LGBTQ+/Queer community. Through news,
commentary, national and local guests, music and humor, we hope to
attract members of the queer community to give them a safe space where
they can share information on a variety of subjects that affect us all.

By creating meaningful conversations we hope to foster a stronger sense
of a shared community among the various LGTBQ+ subsets.

Finally, we hope to educate the larger straight cisgender community about
who we are and our experiences. We seek to deconstruct society’s
traditional gender roles so that all beings are free to live their lives as their
most authentic selves.


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